Two road conjunction is a basic transportation element. Automatic intelligent transportation can synchronize traffic fluent easily and effectively in a much better methods than today human control.

This illustration demonstrates the use of automatic synchronization to easily streamline fluent traffic in a junction. The synchronization is done by using the simple basic element illustrated above.

Using standardization and order can save parking lands, by using effectively the three dimensions.

Today four people use four cars and occupy four parking lots.

By using transit services instead of private property, the whole transportation system will be much better – Less congestion and pollution, better speed, free lands for leisure on account of roads. Positive aesthetic impact will be an outcome of no roadsigns, less parking lots and less cars.

Today, families hold large familiy car to serve the common denominator of the family needs. In many cases the large family car used by one man contribute to rush hour congestion, as well as other negative impacts.

Automatic intelligent transportation systems enable to use combination of small modular units to serve real needs just when they are needed.

Small standard moving pallets can be combined to transfer large cargo effectively. Reliable transportation ready when needed just on time may revolutionized the effectiveness of production process.

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